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*** Special Note regarding the book, and also a sneak peak of a few dishes below **


 I am putting together a cookbook full of not only recipes, but also facts, tips, and loads of information on RSD.

The front of the book will have an introduction, with a description and information about RSD. Then throughout the book there will be facts and tips on both RSD and cooking. There will also be a list of sites where you can find more information about this monster of a disease.

Recipes have been collected from RSD patients and their friends and family. They will be rated on a code from ‘very easy’ to ‘might need help’, so as to make the recipes easier to navigate; with RSD, or any other chronic pain condition, some days you are able to put more work into a meal then other days, and I would like this cookbook to reflect that in its array of recipes. The book will have 8 sections of recipes, from appetizers to main dishes to desserts.

There will also be patron ads in the back of the book; those who donated $15 or more before the 22nd of April will have their name added as a Patron. Business advertisements will be in the back as well; so remember to check them out, these people have made a contribution to the book and it would be great to show them our appreciation.


Storm's RSD Cookbook is going to be entered into a Cookbook Contest through the publishers, and I am aiming to win the top prize of $5,000 for the charities we are raising the funds for!!


The profits from book sales will be going towards RSD research and awareness. I want this book to get out there; I want every one of you to have one on your shelves. I want everyone to be able to share this book with their friends and family and each person who sees this book will then know the name RSD. The word will be spread, awareness will grow. This is my goal for the book, to spread awareness of RSD. Storm’s RSD Cookbook will help RSD patients in three ways – Spreading Awareness; Sharing great recipes; and Raising money that will go towards research and awareness.

 I will be donating all the profit to three Not-for-Profit organizations; Rock Out To Knock Out RSD, Inc. (, the RSDSA (, and American RSD Hope (



Here are a few pictures, featured on the Cookbook's Section Dividers:


'Appetizers & Beverages' Divider picture

"Meri's Deviled Eggs" are displayed here, along with a pitcher of iced Witches Brew.



  Goal for Storm's RSD Cookbook release

has been set back due to many current issues & difficulties.*

*A computer crash, resulting in an almost complete restart of this project (all submitted recipes were not lost, thankfully) being just one of many difficulties! Many bad flare-ups have followed the crash, and some family (& pet) issues to top it all off. Please hang in with me, I am doing the best I can, but as most of us know by now, life happens- and it can be brutal. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the cookbook, please don't hesitate to email me. And thank you to each and every one of you who has showed your support with this project.


 Sale price per Cookbook is $19.95+s&h

s&h chart

 Pre Orders are now being accepted!! 

Simply fill out the Pre-Order form to get your copy reserved!





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