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Letters about Living with Pain

Stories on this page are from various sources; each one has been written in the spirit of explaining what it is like for people who suffer from chronic pain to get through their daily lives. They are all worth the read, and have been a great help - for not only myself, but many others also - in getting friends and family to understand.



"A Letter To Loved Ones", written by RSD patient and American RSDHope founder Keith Orsini, is a great letter that explains what it is like to be a patient dealing with chronic pain. Though lengthy, it is a very good read and worth the time. I felt that it deserved its own page here on my site as well. Click the title below to be taken to this letter.  

  "A Letter To Loved Ones"



Christine Miserandino, owner of the site "But You Don’t Look Sick?", has written a very useful story titled "The Spoon Theory". Christine suffers from Lupus, but while her disease might be different from RSD, the fact is that both diseases cause painful issues that we have to deal with on a daily basis. You can easily use “The Spoon Theory” to explain living with RSD as well; and I have done just that numerous times. It has given me a great way to explain the difficulties of going through each day to my friends and family. You should check the story out; by clicking the title below you will be taken to her site to view the story:


"The Spoon Theory"



(more will be added shortly, thank you for your patience)



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